Clan wars rules

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Clan wars rules

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:37 pm

Clan wars rules v.1.1.

1. Use both your war attacks
2. Attack first your equivalent number. So if you are number 5, you must attack the enemy number 5.*
3. Use your 2nd attack in the 2nd half of the war. You can ONLY do your 2nd attack early, if the enemy base you select has already been attacked unsuccessfully by your clan mate (with equivalent number)
4. Get stars for the clan, not loot for yourself**
5. Leave low bases for others***
6. Get at least 1 star for each war attack (although 1 star is regarded as a fail in the wars)
7. Deal with the enemy's clan castle troops (lure them out)
8. Bring spells and always bring clan castle reinforcement troops
9. Donate level 3+ dragons, Valkyries, level 5+ wizards and archers only to the war maps.
10. Don't town hall push. Develop your defences and troops before upgrading your town hall.
11. Have fun!

* It helps and motivates you to plan your attack an to prepare adequate troops.

** That means don't bring goblins into a war battle with you. And never town hall snipe, even if we are winning unless it is allowed by a co-leader.

*** How low can you go? Well going 10 places lower than your position is OK. For tough clans, a bit more might be allowed.


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